2016 Black EVEolution Challenge Jan-Feb Update

Time to get in FORMATION, the 2016 Black EVEolution Challenge starts right now.

black eveolution 2016 Jan FebIt is the year 2016. It’s an important year simply because you’re alive and, if you’re reading this blog, you endeavor to be the best version of yourself. I wrote a post at the beginning of the year about the eight actions black women need to take this year. Actually, it was two posts. I had seven actions, then remembered a very important one. My challenge to you is to take these actions to set yourself up for even more health, wealth and happiness in your life. Since I’m a fan of practice what you preach I’m posting my results every month so you can see what actions I’ve taken and I expect you to hold me accountable. This is the January and February progress report, it will be monthly here on out. Here we go:

1. Eliminate Physical, Mental and Emotional Toxins. There is a person in my life that I feel over the last year or so has let me know through their actions that they don’t value the relationship. I have called (which I’m horrible at), emailed, text, smoke signaled, etc. I don’t get that in return unless they need something. The thing is I’ve never felt that important to this person regardless. So, I’m letting them fall away. If they want to be in the relationship, they will. Who knows, maybe they were letting me fall away first. I also tried dry brushing. It was going pretty well until I broke out in a horrible rash that took up my back, stomach, and face. Not to worry, it cleared up.

2. Lose Weight, Get Healthy, and Be Well. I’m doing pretty good in this regard. I do want to lose weight. I’m not horribly overweight, but I need to drop a few pounds. I’m setting a goal of 15 for the year. I’m two pounds down. I lost 12 between October and December. Yes, I’ll let you know what I did. I tried some new things and got new results. I’ve hit a plateau for a couple of weeks but I was going at a clip of 1.5 to 2 pounds a week. Otherwise my general health is great. I’m 42 and a 24 year old hit me on the other week. I don’t get my annual blood test until late summer but my goals are to reduce my blood sugar level by 10 points, my uric acid level by 3 points, and increase by T4 by 6. I’ll report on those later in the year.

3. Say yes.  This one was a hard one for me, I say yes more than I say no already. No one has asked me to do anything that I wouldn’t be willing to do. Frankly, I don’t think I was challenged on this one in the last two months.

4. Read. I’m a pretty good reader. I read books in order to blog on certain topics or to teach myself stuff. I’m going to push myself  to get more reading in. I set a goal for 2016 to read 24 books, basically two a month. I’ve read three and wrote reviews, head to the reading room to get recommendations. I’m short one, but as of this post I am two chapters from the end of the fourth book. I didn’t want to count it as complete yet. Of those four books, two were for Black History month.

5. Love Yourself and Others. Mindy Kaling said something really profound in an article about confidence. She said people hate women that don’t hate themselves. That was such an aha moment. I love myself. I think I am the best thing since sliced bread. Loving others I do, but I don’t think I do it in a way others recognize it. Every day, if I remember, I pray to be a blessing in someone else’s life. Last week someone asked me for something and I didn’t want to help. That prayer popped into my mind. Didn’t I ask to be a blessing to someone? Oh yeah, that also means even when I don’t want to be a blessing to someone. I modified the prayer to include “even if I don’t want to, I don’t like them, and especially if they don’t deserve it”. Wouldn’t you know it, two days later I got the opportunity for a do over.

6. Be Brave. I was taught to speak my mind. I was taught to be courageous. In a world where black women are vilified being brave is also about surviving. I’ve made a brave decision that I can’t share yet, but I will soon. In the meantime I’ll leave you with a song that quickly became a favorite for me, Brave by Sara Bareilles. Though it’s poignant, this song wasn’t my inspiration for including this action. The inspiration for including be brave has come from the lifting of millions of voices in support of causes like Black Lives Matter, black women who have made great strides in their professions, those who speak out against other injustices, and those who have spoken out against personal injustice whether it was at work or out in the world. As a side note, I love the video because it’s normalized, in other words, it reflects society and who we are. Show me how big your brave is.

Say what you wanna say, And let the words fall out, Honestly I wanna see you be brave

7. Make Your Money Un-Funny. Black women have the least amount of wealth and are the most likely to use social security as their means of retirement planning; yet are the most likely to be enrolled in a four year college and are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. This needs to stop now. My goal is to increase my wealth by 30% this year by any means necessary. Want to know how? Just keep reading this blog.

8. Vote. Um, enough said. The primaries are coming up in Tennessee next week (March), so I’ll be including that next month. In preparation for the election I am doing my due diligence to be an informed voter. I will admit that I missed voting in the mid-term election because of poor planning on my part. I was traveling and neglected to mark down election day. There is almost two weeks of early voting available. There was no reason to not make it to the poll. Shame on me. I’ve been watching debates and doing some fact checking of my own. Do you follow us on Twitter? If so, I occasionally live tweet the debates. Your vote counts. Don’t let any celebrity who’s interests probably don’t mirror your own tell you otherwise. Don’t vote Democrat because most blacks do. Don’t vote for Hilary because she’s a woman. Don’t vote for Donald because he speaks his mind. Understand your concerns and which candidate best serves your interest. Then vote for members of Congress that will work with that candidate, and do it again at the midterm elections. If your vote doesn’t count why are so many states presently trying to erode voting rights?

Get on board with the 2016 Black EVEolution Challenge. Comment below on your progress, share with us at Twitter or Facebook. We ❤ you!

Nile Harris
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