Black Chicks’ Secret To Weight Loss – It’s You!


  • Calories in/calories out is still the basics to weight loss, but the quality of the calories counts too
  • Emotional eating may be the culprit, figure out what’s bothering you, curb your sugar addiction and then addressing the symptoms (weight) will become easier
  • Teenagers aren’t the only ones with raging hormones, make sure yours are in check at any age
  • Black women have a harder time losing weight than white women, but experience the same health benefits

You can’t open a magazine or watch TV without being bombarded with gimmicks guaranteed to help you lose weight. I’m especially fond of these supplements that promise an incredible amount of weight loss in no time. There’s eat anything you want and lose weight. I’ve tried some things, but mostly ignored the vast majority of these “potions”. I’m going to reveal the secret to weight loss for black women that is almost always overlooked. Once women understand this one thing the weight falls off. The secret is simply YOU.

There is no replacement for hard work. You must still eat right and exercise. Calories in and calories out is still the basic premise to weight loss. My blog is filled with great exercise and nutrition recommendations. Feel free to explore. Everything isn’t for everybody. If you’re like me it may not matter how well you eat or how many calories you burn, the scale doesn’t budge. Your weight is actually not the best indicator of fat loss. As you gain muscle and burn fat your weight may be slighter higher or stay the same. That is because muscle weighs more than fat. If you have a great deal of weight to lose, more than 50 pounds let’s say, you will see the scale move more than someone who only has 20 pounds to lose. Let’s say though that all things being equal you’re still not slimming down as measured by inches lost and percentage of body fat. Here’s where the secret kicks in.

Ready. Look at YOU. Is your mind in the game? If you’re engaging in emotional eating get to the bottom of what’s driving you. Something is bothering you on a deeper level. Once you address the cause the symptoms will begin to subside. This isn’t so different from when you get sick. You take cold medicine to manage the symptoms of sneezing, coughing, fever, etc. But these things collectively are not the issue (the weight), the cold virus is the issue (the emotional hurt). Get rid of the cold virus you get rid of the symptoms. Emotional eating can make sugar addiction worse. When you eat sugar your body releases a chemical that makes you feel better. You can become addicted to that feeling in the same ways a drug addict becomes addicted to cocaine. When you feel bad you unconsciously go for the sugar high; and just because something isn’t sweet doesn’t mean it isn’t loaded with sugar.

The second part of looking at YOU is your body composition. Hormones run everything in our bodies. Hormones tell the body to burn fat instead of sugar, or to store extra calories as fat versus eliminating it from the body all together. The role of fat is store what the body doesn’t need. That can be extra calories or toxins. If you’ve been engaging in a healthy lifestyle but the scale doesn’t move get your hormone levels checked, especially your thyroid. I’ve noted in many of my blogs that I have enough estrogen for a small village, this is the primary cause of belly fat.

The next part of YOU is the food you eat. Calories in is not as important as quality of the calories. Food is anything that was once alive. If you’re eating 1,500 calories a day but it’s all processed or fast food your body is likely to store that as fat because it doesn’t need that. In order for your body to release fat it needs nutrients. If the only thing coming in your body is nutrient deficient objects disguised as food your body can’t keep up with cleaning the toxins out of your body and stores it as fat.

Another thing to consider is that black women have a harder time losing and maintaining weight than their white counterparts. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity in December of 2013 suggests that black women don’t lose as much weight as white women even when adhering to the same exercise and caloric regimen. The study looked at 39 black women and 66 white women and found that the black women had lower energy requirements. Meaning that at rest their bodies didn’t require as many calories to keep the system working (metabolism) as did white women. The same calories in/calories out ratio doesn’t work for black women as it does for white women. We need to up our calories out more so than white women do. However, they also found that the weight loss had equal benefits in terms of lowering blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, etc. While the black women lost fewer pounds they still had the same health benefits from the weight loss as the white women.

At the end of the day, the secret to weight loss is YOU.





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