Black Chicks That Rule: Ginger Howard, Pro Golfer

Ginger HowardAt the age of 17 years old golf phenom Ginger Howard turned pro-golfer on the Symetra tour, making her the youngest pro golfer at the time. Her long term goal is to the be the first African American to win the LPGA. She has already earned the spot as the first African American on the Junior Ryder Cup team.

Ginger Howard and her sister Robbi started golf at an early age. Their father took them out with him to the driving range only to find out they had winning swings. They stuck with it and Ginger, turning down a scholarship to Duke and Florida Universities, decided turn pro. She has been likened to a female Tiger Woods but on the surface she appears as any young woman of twenty. Her¬†family has sacrificed in order to keep her competing but as you can see in the video they don’t seem to mind. They relocated to Florida so she could attend the famed IMG Academy. Her father, Robert, quit his job in order to travel with Ginger on her tour. Not able to afford the golf accouterments of a cady or the travel costs, they often drive up to 18 hours to make it to a tournament. She has the drive and ambition of a champion.


While she’s been compared to Tiger Woods she is a force onto herself. We expect to see great things coming out of this remarkable young women in sport that has been difficult one for African Americans to break into. Visit her site at to learn more about her and her rising career. If it strikes you, you are able to donate in order to sponsor her career. The funds go to travel, entry fees, and other costs associated with the sport. Watch the video below to hear from Ginger in her own words.

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