Black Women Are The Most Likely Demographic To Attend College

black-women-in-college-chartThis blog site is about helping women improve their lives in the areas of health and wealth to realize and live in their mandated destinies. The site was borne out of a desire to reverse some disturbing trends within the community while perpetuating positive images of Black women. When I heard this statistic I was surprised. I had to check the numbers for myself. Not because I thought the source where I first read it got it wrong but because there was no mention of it. I also wanted to see what else the numbers reveal.

Of all the races looked at (White, Black, Hispanic and Asian) Black women have the highest population enrolled in college, 9.7% to be exact. This means that 9.7% of Black women primarily between the ages of 18 and 44 are enrolled in either a two year, four year or graduate school program. Asian women and men follow at 8.7% and 8.4% respectively. The national average for all races and genders is 6.9%. Black women exceed the national average! For all women the average is 7.5%, Black women exceed that too. These numbers come from the US Census report on school enrollment published in September of 2013 based on October, 2011 data.

This is astounding information that  you would think would have been more highly publicized, especially in the report. While Black woman are cited as having the worst health and least amount of wealth, we weren’t cited with some the best education stats out there. Interesting. It’s enough to make a Black woman angry, huh. This is a trend we definitely need to see continue, but it’s no small wonder as Black women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs. This is something to celebrate.

Brigham Young said “when you educate a man you educate a man; when you educate a woman you educate a generation”. What is the implication of advanced education? Children of college-educated parents are more likely to enroll in college which benefits society as a whole. A college education leads to higher pay over a lifetime. According to the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2011, 30-34 year olds who had only a high school diploma earned $638 per week, and their peers with bachelor’s degrees earned $1,053 while those with advanced degrees earned $1,332.

If you think college isn’t for you or you’re worried about how to pay, there are several options out there. Take a look at the Black Chicks That Rule. Some of them started off with nothing and have achieved more than they hoped. Black women have shown they are ready for and capable of more. Let’s increase that 9.7% (by the way Black women enrolled in school make up 9% of all students enrolled in college and 7% of the total US population). We still have miles to go in closing the pay wages gaps and the career progression gaps that exist. That’s why I’m here to help you pave the way to closing that gap. To have your back and help you have each other’s back.

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