Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Woman with a chocolate barMy favorite day of the week isn’t Friday or Saturday, it’s cheat day. I’m not talking about cheat on your significant other day. A cheat day is the day you get to go off your nutrition or exercise plan, within reason of course. You get a few more calories and opt to hang out on the couch if you like.

Cheat days are a great emotional and physical breaks that can keep you engaged in your lifestyle plan. While I’m not crazy about the term ‘cheat day’, I prefer rest day, I am in love with concept. Cheating gives you the sense that you’re doing something wrong. A healthy lifestyle has balance. Every day doesn’t have to be limited to 1500 calories and two hours of exercise. On your rest day you give yourself some treats, get up to 2000 calories and go see a movie. Our bodies and our minds need a break, building it into your weekly routine ensures you don’t go off the rails because of boredom. Most importantly cheat days can keep self-sabotage at bay because you’re not depriving yourself of your favorite treat.

When you deprive yourself you are more likely to go off the rails and when you do it will be big time. You’re going to rebel against your plan. But when you build in some time to relax your mind and body you’re less likely to get off track and if you do, it’s not a big deal.

The best way to use your cheat day is to plan it for the week depending on what you’re doing that week. Don’t make it the same day every week because boredom can set in. If you not you’re going to have a particularly stressful day at work that might your cheat day. Going on vacation? Put together your nutrition and exercise plan ahead of time along with what days you will cheat? Maybe you can give yourself two cheat days and forgo the day the following week.

Don’t go overboard. It’s not a license to consume 5,000 calories. It is a license to give yourself a treat or two. It’s completely okay to have your cheat day be separate from your workout days. That’s my method. By mixing up my days I feel like I have much more balance through the week and I’m not waiting for that one day a week.

However you approach your day, above all, enjoy it! Do you have a cheat day? Share your comments, thoughts below. Don’t forget to share us in your communities. We want to hear from you.


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