Clean Eating – New Name, Old Concept

The best foods for healthy stomachThe US is in a health crisis primarily driven by obesity-related diseases such as peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and Type II diabetes. Given the hyper focus on living a healthier lifestyle all sorts of fad and fact diets or nutrition plans have come about. For example there’s the Paleo Diet, gluten free, Atkins, the list goes on. The rising start of this group is called “clean eating”. It is what the name implies, eating foods that are high in nutritional value. This can include organic, non-GMO, etc. There is no clearly defined rules.

Though the term is relatively new, the concept isn’t. It’s merely a new title for the collection of do’s and don’ts of healthy eating. Many of these have been discussed at the New Black Chick in the past. Focus on a balanced nutritional diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables while staying away from or at least severely limiting intake of processed foods. Keep your sugar, salt and fat intake in check, drink water not soda, and stick with organics whenever possible. When you do eat you should have a good balance of protein, fat and carbs based on your lifestyle. If you’re an athlete or exercise regularly, your muscles need fuel so you may opt for more protein. If you run long distances often focus more on carbs that provide long-lasting energy boosts. Eat often throughout the day, preferably six small meals a day. The goal of that is to keep your blood sugar levels at a constant level avoiding spikes and dips, but it also keeps the metabolism going. Metabolism is like a camp fire, it needs food (wood) in order to keep burning. But don’t take in more than your body needs the rest gets stored as fat.

Fads are usually based on fact in some way, shape or form. The media and food producers like to embellish to get us to buy their products. There’s nothing wrong with that per se. Just be informed on your own body and do your research. Let us know what you think by commenting below and sharing within your community. Search the archive here at the New Black Chick to learn more about what foods to eat, exercise and other aspects to creating a healthy life.


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