Exercise 101: Just Get Your Body Moving

Competitive woman runningLet’s get the first question out of the way…do you need to exercise? Yes! But exercise isn’t just about losing weight. Exercise is actually a small component of weight control. Your weight is primarily controlled by what you eat, your hormones, and the total functioning of your body. So then why do you need to exercise? Because our bodies are designed to move.

The human body is the most perfect machine on earth, and the earth is the most perfect place for the human body. Some believe we were made the image of a Creator and some believe we evolved from a single cell. No matter how you believe we began one thing is true of both theories, our bodies are capable of handling almost anything. Ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, knew our bodies were connected to the planet. Everything we need for life is here. As a country we rely heavily on medications, however these medications are largely derived from plant life.

Anyway…you need to exercise because the perfect machinery needs movement to make things work. One example of this is the digestive system that is largely dependent on the body moving. The process of moving your food from your stomach to the bowels for elimination, peristalsis, is connected to your level of activity. Are you constipated?  You’ve heard of people going for a walk after eating a large meal because it helps with the digestion, right. That’s because your intestines are made of muscles and walking (or other activities) activates the waves of contractions, peristalsis, needed to move your food through. It’s not the same muscle that makes up your biceps and those 6-packs. It’s smooth muscle lined with a type of mucus to keep things moving along. Conversely this is why you don’t engage in rigorous activities after eating a big meal because it moves the blood supply from the smooth muscles (stomach, intestines) to the fibrous muscles (biceps, quadriceps).  The blood is necessary to oxygenate the muscles as part of the contractions.

Movement also clears out your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is the garbage dump sites of your body. The only way to clean out this system is to move, specifically jumping up and down (jumping rope for example).

Don’t get caught up in being a beginner, not having a gym membership, messing up your hair, not having time, not know what to do, being out of shape, etc. etc. etc. There are a million reasons not to do something. Start off by walking, briskly, not a stroll, for an hour a day. You can break it up. Or seek out a friend or professional to help you create your plan and set some goals. The most important thing is to get your body moving because movement is life.

I’m just keeping it new.

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