Exercise 201: 3 Steps To Become A Runner

3 Steps to Become a Runner, http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/start-running-tips

Are you already active but want to add running to your exercise routine but not sure how. Women’s Health magazine shared three tips to making this happen. As you know I became a runner because my Mom made me. You can start running at any age or fitness level. Remember to consult a physician before you start. And make sure you’re eating nutritionally. Running puts some different demands on your body physically and nutritionally. I like this article because it’s a great way to ease into if you’ve never run distances before or if you’re looking to restart your long running game.

Tip 1 – Use your breath to find your pace: yes, yes and yes. The faster you run the more oxygen your body needs. The mistake newbies make is not breathing. When I’m at my regular run pace I take two quick breaths in through my nostrils and blow out through my mouth. As I go faster the breaths increase and become quicker. You need the breathing to sustain you through the run.

Tip 2 – Don’t run every day. Your body needs a break from the hard pounding. I know you see people out there running 5 miles everyday. Let them do that. If you’re starting out shoot for 3 days a week, add a 4th when you feel strong and ready. If you’re not training for a race no need to run more than that.

Tip 3 – You don’t have to go long. Decide what resonates better with you. Running for 15 minutes or running for 1 mile. Almost the same thing but people see it differently. For me, I use distance because I’m a terrible judge of distance. I say I’m going to run 5 miles because I have a loose understanding of what that looks like. If I say I’m going to run for an hour (about how long it takes me to run 5 miles) I psych myself out.

And lastly, from me, run outdoors. A treadmill is not efficient. Running 5 miles on a treadmill is very different than 5 miles on pavement. However, treadmills are great for doing some inclines if you don’t have any hills around.

I’m just keeping it new.

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