Exercise 201: Getting into Bicycling


Getting into Bicycling.





Another great article from REI, an outdoor activities outfitter, about biking. Now that you’ve started biking, you can take it to the next level. This article dispels some popular myths about biking.

  1. Biking requires too much gear – not true, the basics you need are a helmet. The rest you can explore when you’re ready to up your game. 
  2. It’s costly to buy a bike and gear – you can get a bike that fits any budget.
  3. Only expensive bikes are any good – it’s true more expensive bikes have more bells and whistles, but a well-maintained bike will get you where you want to go.
  4. Biking take too much time – depends on what you’re comparing it too. If it’s for leisure, who cares how much time it takes.
  5. It’s too dangerous – it can be safe, be sure to wear proper clothing and gear (helmet), and be aware in traffic.
  6. Bike seats are uncomfortable – you can trade out the seat that comes with the bike or you can buy a seat cushion.
  7. Clueless about how to maintain a bike – sign up for a quick class at your local bike shop or just take it in
  8. I’m too out of shape to ride – riding will get you in shape and feel free to get off to walk if you need to.
  9. You can’t carry much stuff on a bike – with the right carriers you can get a fair amount of groceries on a bike or use a bike trailer.
  10. It’s too far to commute to work – ride part of the way, drive to a place that’s within biking distance for you.
  11. I’ll get sweaty – if it’s for leisure, who cares; if you’re biking to work see if there’s a shower at work or forego the commute to work.
  12. Work clothes will get wrinkled – if you’re riding to work, choose clothes that are less likely to wrinkle and take care how you back them.

Other things to consider is the pre-ride check. Make sure your wheels are inflated, your seat is at the right height, the brakes work properly, and chain is moving smoothly. When you’re choosing a helmet, try a few on for fit. Don’t let any of these excuses/myths keep you from using this valuable exercise in your health and fitness plan.

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