Exercise 201: Set Up A Home Gym For Less

 Get Buff, Not Broke: How To Build a Budget-Friendly Home Gym

People are still going hard at their new year’s resolutions to get fit, but joining a gym can be an expensive proposition. I came across this great blog post that lays out how to do it for less.

Just to summarize for you:

  • Pick a space where you can see yourself and can move around. It doesn’t have to be an Olympic size workout room. Grab a full length mirror and push some furniture out of the way. If you have hardwood or don’t want to exercise on the carpet, invest in a good size yoga mat.
  • Determine your training goals and don’t forget you need both cardio and strength training
  • Some staples you’ll need are: dumbells\weights, stability ball, and resistance bands.
  • The big stuff – if you have room and the budget for a treadmill or other cardio machine do your research to find what works best for you. I’m a big fan of outdoor exercising. Running on a treadmill isn’t as efficient as running on the ground.

All said and done you can get a great workout at home. If you need help on developing an exercise program feel free to browse around this site or check out some videos such as P90x. Don’t skimp on quality. You want your equipment to last. The resistance bands can really hurt if they break mid-pull so don’t just grab the cheapest one you see. In addition to this list I would include weight-lifting gloves to prevent callouses.

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