Exercise 201: Yoga Anyone?

woman performing a yoga stretchAre you looking for a low-impact exercise that still gives you a good workout? Take a look at yoga. I can’t say that I am personally a fan of yoga, but I have tried it. I can say without hesitation that it is a workout. If you don’t believe me, give it a try. It’s primary goal is to connect the mind and the body. A sort of mediation in motion if you will.

It has its origins in Hinduism and Buddhism. Each movement has a specific meaning and purpose. Not only does it bring your body into alignment with your mind, it brings your being into alignment with the Universe. People are derived from nature and we tend to forget that. All matter vibrates at a certain frequency. The law of attraction is based on this principle. Yoga allows your body to vibrate at a different frequency that brings you more in tune with the space around you.

So how, you may be asking, does this give you a great workout? Let me tell you those positions aren’t easy. In the beginning you will have modifications you can do to help strengthen your muscles. An instructor will help you into the poses and adjust your alignment to get the most benefit from the move and don’t develop any habits that won’t serve you. I recommend doing a yoga class with an instructor. If you’re well versed in yoga, then maybe the at-home videos will be good for you. The moves can be difficult and you can’t see yourself doing them. You will need someone to correct you. Also, having tried at-home yoga video once, in the majority of the positions you can’t see the TV causing you to come out of position so you can see.

The workout comes in the stretching of the muscles and using your muscles for balance. Yoga incorporates both isometric (holding a position for a period of time without muscle movement or contraction) and isotonic (resistance remains the same and muscle lengthens/contracts) exercise. An example of isometric exercise is holding the plank position while push-ups are istonic. Athletes are doing yoga to help with their performance. The muscle lengthening benefits help with agility while being more in-touch with their body helps with mental clarity and physical execution.

On to the real question, will you release pounds and burn a ton fat? Probably not as much as you would with running or walking. If you do it in conjunction with a healthy diet you will see psychical benefits. Hot yoga is said to help with the release of toxins from the body. As I’ve discussed before fat is the storage place of toxins. So if you’re releasing toxins from the fat tissue you may find some inches melt off. It will be a slower process but it will happen.

If you’re looking for an exercise that doesn’t have as much wear and tear on your body but gives you a good workout look to yoga. There are various varieties of yoga, do some research and try a couple of classes. I wanted to try hot yoga but when speaking with the instructor she recommended people who are prone to heat sickness stick it out in the regular temperatures. Do you have any thoughts about yoga? Comment below and share this with your friends. The New Black Chick wants to hear from you.





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