Exercise 301: Off To Bootcamp

palestra5I’m not quite sure when bootcamp classes became popular. I think I was in business school, so a little more than a decade ago. The trend was started by former military personnel-turned-trainers. It’s A way to shake up the blah routine and get the body doing some things it hasn’t done before. The premise is based on the actual boot camp, get in shape quick and ship out. The difference is we’re not doing it all day every day. Thank goodness. I have tried bootcamp classes and depending on the instructor and the others in the class it can be great or just plain grueling.

The point of the class is muscle confusion. By attacking different parts of the body in different ways your body never gets used to a workout. It’s not traditional exercises either. I’ve had to roll tires up a hill or jump over an object several times. I had to balance on a bosu (half of an exercise ball) while throwing kicks at an opponent. Surprisingly I didn’t fall. You can find these workouts in your fitness center but some are also popping up as standalone businesses such as Barry’s Bootcamp. They are a good workout but if you’re not careful you could get hurt. Listen to the trainer and stop if something doesn’t feel right. It will hurt, but if something feels pulled or strained it might be.

This is just another alternative to your workout regimen. Maybe you’re already running or swimming and looking to take it up a notch. The surprise to your body will get it sweating and burning some calories. If you go to a place such as Barry’s you have several options of workouts so you’re not having to do the same one every time. If you have a great trainer the time will go by quickly as they motivate you. I’ve had one or two trainers where it was like I was bothering them by being there. It’s also dull if the other people in the class don’t speak. However, I do recommend doing a bootcamp live instead of a video. The workout can get tough and you’ll need some extra motivation to sprint on the treadmill at level 10.

What are your thoughts on bootcamps? Do you have recommendations for where you live? Comment below and share with your friends.





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