Exercise 301: Set Fire to the Pool

beauty faceOkay Miss, you’ve got the know-how and your technique is beautiful. What you need now are some killer pool workouts to challenge yourself and change up your routine. First, if you live some place with a sports complex nearby check out their schedule. They may offer classes in the pool, such as biking in the pool. Kid you not, spin class but in the pool.

If you’re looking to do it the old fashioned way, swim up and down the lanes here are some great workout tips. Decide if you’re swimming for weight loss or endurance. The workouts will of course vary depending on your goal. When I was on the high school swim team, my goal most days was just to get to the other side. 🙂

I came across a website called, appropriately, 1oo Swimming Workouts. There are workouts for every experience level. Make a personal goal to be able to swim a mile in one session. If you’re a beginner it does include starting off with a crawl stroke. If you read my post on beginning swimming, you know I’m not a fan of the crawl stroke. Start off with trying to learn the freestyle. The crawl stroke can get you comfortable with the water but I think it creates bad habits with your form. The workouts on this site breaks down what you should be doing for each lap.

Another great source if you’re looking to burn calories and fat with your workout comes from Women’s Health Magazine.

If neither one of these sources does it for you, there are a ton out there to search for. The keys to a product swim workout are:

  • Know your goals. This is the same for your on-the-ground workouts too. Are you looking to build endurance, strength or burn calories and fat.
  • Design your workout around your goals. A longer workout at a moderate speed is good for endurance. A shorter workout at a high speed is good for burning. Know the plan before you get in the pool. To keep it interesting don’t just pick one style and swim up and down the lane. Decide what you will do each lap. For example.
    • Lap 1-3: warm up – slow, freestyle
    • Lap 4-6: freestyle moderate speed
    • Lap 7-9: kick board (hold on to a floating board and just kick your legs.
    • Lap 10-12: backstroke
    • you get the picture
  • Have the proper tools. A swim cap will keep the hair out of your eyes. After your swim rinse and dry the cap and put in a baggie with cornstarch. This helps prolong the life of the cap. Goggles to prevent your eyes from getting chlorine burn. Water proof watch with a timer that can record splits. Of course flip flops and a towel.

Please keep in mind if you’re looking to do a triathlon or do open water swimming in the ocean, it’s a very different preparation. Research the physical requirements carefully. 


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