Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

The book gets its title from the fact that officers in the Marine Corps eat last. Leaders Eat Last strikes a balance between leading and being led. It focuses on why leadership is necessary and what makes for a good leader. “Leaders would sooner sacrifice what is theirs to save what is ours”. Management is a position, leadership is a calling.

Genre: Business, Non-Fiction
Subjects: Leadership

Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit And Success by Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Sylvia Ann Hewlett does a solid job of pointing out that there is overlap between the experiences of white women and women of color while accurately conveying the degrees to which it varies. Black women have the hardest time because they rarely seem able to escape the cloud of angry black woman enough to have true conversations and lead.

Genre: Business, Non-Fiction, Self Help
Subjects: Leadership, Professional Development, Women’s Studies