Golf – Take A Swing At It

Two couples play golf togetherGolf is no longer the sport relegated to the country club elites. Despite popular belief Black women golf too. As Black women become more educated and climb in the professional and entrepreneurial ranks they are also partaking in golf more, a sport long recognized for its great networking benefits. Business gets done on the golf course. I’ve even tried my hand at golf and would probably be better at it if I had started as a young girl but nevertheless I like it. I don’t have great eye-to-hand coordination but I do have power behind my swing (and alas no aim).

Golf is a game of patience, strategy and skill. It is all in the technique and requires work on the fine motor skills. If you’ve always been interested in golf but couldn’t find anyone that looked like you or felt a bit intimated to learn it as an adult here are some resources for you:

  • Black Jewels – a ladies golf association founded in 2004 focused on increasing the participation of Black women and girls in the sport of golf. They currently have chapters in cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte and Washington, DC among others.
  • African American Golfer’s Digest  – a quarterly magazine dedicated to all that is golf for the African American community. On their website you will find an area dedicated to Black women golfers.
  • The African American Woman Golfer – is a website/book that tells of the heroism of Black women golfers and their history.

Even as the sport of golf becomes more popular among all African Americans, there are still courses where we can’t play either because of race or gender. That means there are places in the world, including the United States where Tiger Woods is not welcome to play. Thanks to the heroism of a few the sport has been opened up to us. The PGA’s policy of not hosting a tour at a course that is not restricted has helped in making strides as well. If you’re interested in learning there are very reasonably priced classes all over the country. You can get starter clubs at a decent price as well. Public courses and driving ranges are very affordable these days.

Let’s continue to break down the barriers in professional golf and find ways to expose children to the sport an early age. Are you a golfer? Share how you got started and any tips for those looking to try it out. Like and share with your community.





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