I AM: A Beast

In my mind I am the greatest athlete that ever lived. When I’m out there running my five miles I don’t care how many people pass me, I am an Olympic runner. So where, you may ask, does this level of confidence come from. Truly from inside my head. I feel this way because if I don’t, I’m unlikely to do whatever exercise is on tap for that day. The rest of the world sees someone who exercises more than the average person. In fact, that’s what I say to myself when I’m getting low on steam – I’m doing more today than most people will do all year.

I admit, there are days, weeks, maybe even months where I do keep up with my exercise routine. I know. I know. I’m human. What I do have, which is half the battle, is a plan. I do have an exercise plan. I hate to do the same exercises over and over again, so I rotate. I do some running, biking, Zumba and every now and again I allow the people at Barry’s Boot Camp to abuse me. (I admit I haven’t done that last one in a while). No matter I’m doing, I tell myself I’m the best in the world. I visualize being done as well as being fit and looking damn good in my clothes. I saw a post on Pinterest one day, it said “Losing weight means you’ll look good in clothes, exercising means you’ll look good naked”. Talk about motivation. I pinned it to the New Black Chicks Pinterest page.



photo: Matt Blum

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