I AM: A Biker

hrací karty QUEEN

Do you remember your first bike and when you learned to ride? I do. I remember feeling so free. The wind hitting my face, blowing my hair, going downhill fast. I still like the freedom of riding a bike. It’s faster than running. I couldn’t wait for spring when I was kid, that meant I could start riding my bike to school. I felt so grown heading out the house for school jumping on my bike.

I’m lucky that I live in an area with dedicated bike trails. Every now and again I take my bike out for a ride to get some exercise. I’m most definitely a leisure rider. I’m not looking to compete in the Tour de France or even a tour of the city. When I don’t want to run it’s good low impact cardiovascular exercise. It also makes my thighs feel like steel. But boy is hard going up those hills. 

I decided to challenge myself one day, surprise surprise. There is this horribly steep hill in the last two miles of my usual route. Normally, I hop off the bike and walk it up the hill. But no pain, no gain right. I pedaled, stopped, pedaled, stopped, drank water, pedaled. At one point a couple of runners past me going up the hill. They encouraged me and cheered me on as I went up this hill. Eventually, I was able to go up the hill only stopping once.

I’m good with that. I’m not looking to get better. It’s something I do to blow off steam and challenge myself. There are many areas of my life like that. I’m satisfied with it my level of skill, I may push a little harder every now and again to get to a slightly better place. No one said you had to be great at everything.


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