I AM: A Dancer

Raise your hand if you also took ballet as a young child. Or any type of dance class. My Mom enrolled me in ballet. At the time I was fairly skinny, tall but you could tell I wasn’t going to develop into the body type of a prima ballerina. But I enjoyed the class. It taught me posture and how to move gracefully (when I want to that is).

Dancing is just all out fun. I remember in college dancing all night, sweating my hair out and then wanting breakfast food. It also happens to be a great workout. Whenever I get excited about something or accomplish a task or goal, I do a little dance. Sometimes I’m at my desk, in my car, in the shower – doesn’t matter. If I’m alone, the dance is big. If I’m with others, it may be a little more contained depending on the audience. If I’m with my family I’ll let my freak flag fly. A new client, it might just be a toe tap.

Dancing is a way to physically connect with our creative side. Physical movement is a great anchor. Anchoring is when you tie a good feeling with a physical movement. You do this enough times your body begins to associate the movement with the good feeling so whenever you need a quick pick-me-up, do the move.

When you do dance, do it like no one is watching. Don’t worry about if you can or can’t dance. Just move.






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