I AM: A Financial Planner

Let me begin by saying I am NOT a certified financial planner (CFP), someone who is licensed to help you plan financial matters and your estate. With that said, I AM a financial planner of my estate. I like to use the word “estate”, it sounds good but more importantly it’s true. That’s how the law refers to everything I own.

I love to manage money. I use my financial management software to look at my accounts, assets and debts in one quick look. I also think long term, what will my life be like in retirement and how much do I need. I may be a long way from retirement, but having enough for retirement and something to pass on to my [future] children is a long term game. My estate has a positive balance right now, meaning all of my assets are more than all of my debts. My definition that makes me wealthy. However, I’ve reached a point in my life and my personal education process that I want to accelerate that wealth growth. So I’m planning for it. While I have a traditional employer-funded 401(k) I’m investigating ways to exponentially grow my wealth through the use of self directed IRAs, tax strategies and entrepreneurship. I think wealth management can be very confusing and it doesn’t hurt to consult with professionals in this field. I do.

As I continue on my journey to planning and growing my wealth I also look at asset protection. I need to be insured and have a Will in place. I am a financial planner, not just for my present but for my future. That at times means I need to delay a big-ticket purchase or stick to a budget. I am a fan of delayed gratification. I went without a lot of things in my twenties so I could have even more in more thirties. When I see a pair of shoes or an electronic gadget I ask myself what’s the opportunity cost of that item – what am I not going to get in order to get that. When I make good decisions the payoff is ten-fold.


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