I AM: A Money Manager

Money in the bagI love money. I really, really, really do. You’re thinking, “duh, we all love money”. I would argue most people love having money, I love money itself. Or you may be thinking it’s bad to love money or money is the root of all evil. Not true.

I love money because it is the physical manifestation of what we can do with numbers. Deep huh. Let me break that down. You can add money, subtract money and, my favorite, multiply money. In finance class I was amazed at the number of investment tools designed to make money multiply. You put in $1,000 you can get out $10,000. Money can work hard for you. I started my career in trading but moved to healthcare. Primarily because I didn’t like doing the investing for other people. I’m learning about other personal investment vehicles such as a self-directed IRA and personal trading.

One thing I love about money is managing it…again, for myself. I’m very organized, how I approach my finances is no different. Over the years I’ve had various self-created systems to manage my finances. It starts with the mail. I put the mail in a bin and go through it once a week. Once I week I see where my money is, how my retirement fund going, etc.

Before I had a computer I did all of this by hand in a big notebook. When I got a computer I did it using a spreadsheet. Then I graduated to Quicken which I’ve been using for about 10 years. I connect all of my bank accounts, retirement accounts, credit cards, assets and loans. I also track and pay bills from it. I can see my net worth anytime I want. What we focus on expands. When I started focusing on that net worth line it started expanding. I have my money set up in a bucket system outlined in the Millionaire Mindset by T. Harv Eker. Everything is automated. The only thing I do is initiate bill payments, execute trades, and make sure money is where it should be. Takes me one or two hours a week. I love my system. It’s come a long way.


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