I AM: A Seeder

You may think “seeder” isn’t really a word, but it is and I am one. What I mean by this is I like to plant the seeds of my future success. The one thing I have always been is patient. I don’t mind working hard and waiting to reap the benefits. In a world where instant gratification is the norm it can be hard to see the benefits of long term planning. I used to work in a market development role. When people asked me what I do and what does that mean I would explain it by saying I plant the seeds so that the company can harvest full grown crops.

I went to college, worked odd jobs and learned everything I possibly could never knowing if it would be helpful later. I remember the thrill of my first apartment though it was a small studio, then the upgrade to a one bedroom. In business school I went without a salary for two years (the length of the program) resulting in much more pay and an upgrade to a house. Yes, I believe in seeding. The Bible discusses the importance of planting seeds. Now I am looking to upgrade once again, but not my living arrangement…my wealth. I have been seeding for my wealth for quite some time now. That means investing in a retirement fund, save, live within my means and creating multiple streams of income. The secret to wealth or financial freedom is seeding.

While there are stories out there of people becoming very rich very quickly those same people are also likely to lose their riches quickly. The mind needs to change in order for everything else to change. I hope to be a reaper soon and harvest the benefits of my hard work. I didn’t always know that’s what I was doing, but somewhere along my journey I discovered that not only was I doing it, it’s the right thing to do.


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