I AM: A Sprinter Training For A Marathon


You already know I grew up playing sports. At first I hated it. All that running around and carrying on. Most times I was the only girl anyway. But one day there was a shift. I don’t really remember when the shift occurred or why. But one thing remained true throughout my years playing sports – I am a sprinter not a distance runner. Give me a short distance to run and I could tear it up. But you had me out there running miles and I was sure to be bringing up the rear.

I don’t think it was about my physical endurance as much as it was about my mental endurance. I want to run and be done. I want to chase the ball, score a goal, reset and do it again. I want to sprint a 100-yard dash and be done. When I was running laps or miles getting yelled at by every coach I ever had to go faster one thought dominated my mind – how much longer.

This is how I am in life. I’ve always worked hard, achieved and was rewarded. I went to college, earned two degrees, graduated got a job. I proved myself got a promotion or another job I wanted. My life seemed easy to outsiders as it looked like I effortlessly got everything I wanted. So not true. My ability to make things look easy came from something a former soccer coach said to use one day “Good soccer players score goals; great soccer players make it look easy”. OH that became a mantra for my life. For so many years, I did the work and got the reward. But what I lacked was endurance.

The last couple of years have been about endurance for me. I’ll get into more of why in other posts. My house was flooded and I was laid off from my job. This was a very dark period for me. I affectionately say I was “in my cave”. Just me and my dog. I did my work, but unlike the first half of my life, the rewards didn’t just come. I had to endure to get the blessings. Don’t get me wrong, I am no stranger to perseverance. But I was a stranger too enduring long periods of perseverance. When things didn’t just change I realized I had a journey ahead of me. This is part of the journey.

I first had to acknowledge that I had fallen. Not just fallen – I’m talking a total face-plant on the concrete. And I had to go from that to sprinting again. I couldn’t. But this journey or this “act” of my life was kicked off by saying to myself “I need help” and then going to get it. That’s where I discovered Peak Potentials. So now. I came to see that I’m supposed to be training for a marathon, I’ve already shown the Universe/God that I’m a great sprinter – I need to show I can be a marathoner.


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