I AM: An Eliminator

For the past two years I have been SLOWLY eliminating toxins from my diet and my environment. I have started to become more aware of the toxins that we are exposed to everyday. Some of these toxins even cause us to gain weight or at the very least make it damn near impossible to lose weight. Other toxins have been shown to cause cancer and though they are present in foods and products we use in the United States, other countries have banned them. At first I thought most of the talk about obesogens was ridiculous. Obeseogens is a word given to chemicals found in food, cosmetics, plastics, etc. that cause weight gain because they mimic or disrupt our hormone systems. Hormones control everything in the body from the fat we burn to the fat we keep.

I thought about it and it stands to reason that we are exposed to a great deal of chemicals that our bodies don’t know how to handle. When a body doesn’t know what to do with something it can either eliminate it or store it in our fat. Here’s what I have eliminated so far:

  • Laundry detergent & fabric softener – I loved Tide detergent and Downy softner but I have switched to Mrs. Meyer’s for both. Clothes come out just as clean, soft and fragrant
  • Lotion, soap, shampoo and conditioner containing parabans, sulfates, DEA, PABA, propolyne glycol replaced with products from Shea Moisture, NOW Foods and others
  • Aerosol\spray air fresheners – while I do keep a can in the guest bathrooms for very occasional use around my home you will find aromatics in the form of essential oil pots and reed diffusers
  • Toxic cleaning supplies – I swapped out harsh cleaning chemicals, dish washing liquid and dishwasher
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Soda\diet soda
  • BPA and TeflonĀ® in my food\water storage and cookware
  • Transfat – hydrogenated anything
  • Animal tested cosmetics – nothing to do with health, but cosmetics don’t need to be tested on animals, let their lives be in the HUMANE service of advancing medical therapies if they must be tested
  • GMOs wherever I can – GMO is genetically modified organism and is banned in most countries except ours

Most importantly I gave up relaxing my hair! My last relaxer was on January 11, 2012. I didn’t do a big chop, I decided to transition. I still come in contact with a lot of these things. But in my home I’ve done well and I’m continuing my endeavor.

I’m working on significantly reducing my intake of:

  • Wheat and other processed grains
  • Processed sugars and foods
  • Commercial produce (mass produced fruits and vegetables) pesticides – I go organic where I can
  • Dairy – I still enjoy the occasional serving of cheese, greek yogurt and ice cream; replaced milk with coconut or almond milk

In exchange I have noticed much less intestinal distress (gas, bloating, etc.), clear skin with less breakouts, and a general feeling of wellness. The natural part of my hair has regained thickness and strength. It’s beautiful. I know I’m making progress because whenever I put something in my body that it is no longer used to the consequence is unpleasant.


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