I AM: Beautiful

hrací karty QUEENSaying to yourself and to others you are beautiful is a tough one. Such a small sentence causes big issues. Women often don’t feel beautiful when faced with the media images of beauty, especially black women. We can feel guilty when we say it, feeling as though we are arrogant. I used to struggle with this too.

I AM beautiful because I am the way God made me and I love me. Beauty isn’t just about having the perfectly proportioned face. It’s about what’s inside as well. We’ve all seen a beautiful woman who once we spoke to them became instantly ugly. No one wants to be THAT woman. I got over this guilt without going overboard by concentrating on the things I love about myself. I have a very cute dimple, awesome lips, penetrating eyes, gorgeous hair, lovely skin, fabulous athletic ability, and a whole soul. After I finished making this list I didn’t focus on the things that are maybe not so awesome to me.

I heard the most powerful statement a couple of months ago. We hate our bodies, we speak and think hatefully toward our bodies but we’re surprised when our bodies don’t do what we want. Our bodies feel the hate. Our belly feels the hate. Wow! I immediately started to speak nicer to my body. And if I was in a particularly bad mood, I didn’t say anything at all. You know from a previous post I prefer to lose some weight, especially from my belly. I found that I would look at my belly with disdain. I now focus on the parts I love and ask my body nicely to cooperate with my efforts to lose weight. Oh yes, I accentuate the positive, i.e. red lipstick on these awesome lips and mascara on my penetrating eyes.


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