I AM: Fit

I AMOkay so I’m not a size 0, excellent! I may have a little muffin top, but I’ll never be hungry 🙂 And I am also fit. I have more muscle than fat, check! I use my muscle, check check! And I do what I can to burn fat by raising my metabolism and reducing fat-creating foods, check check check! …most days. I admit I enjoy the occasional treat. The point isn’t to deprive myself, it’s to make an effort to make healthy food choices.

The amount of belly fat someone has is a good indicator of their risk for chronic diseases, such as diabetes. I focus a lot of attention on my inches than my weight and also on my percentage of body fat. I was at an event over the weekend, a seminar. I was walking down the hall when a man jumped on back (I knew him) and I was able to adjust his weight on my back and give him a piggy-back ride down a long hallway. That’s how I know I’m fit! Someone who is weak from malnutrition or lack of muscle wouldn’t be able to do that. I did, muffin top and all!

Some days I look at my muffin top and think, ugh. Some days I think, I’m going to obliterate you. Either way, I understand the mechanics of how it got there, but it’s a little more tricky to get rid of it. Exercise alone isn’t always enough. If there’s something else going on in your body, this can be a challenge. I know for me my hormone level is a barrier. I avoid foods that mimic estrogen in the body since that particular hormone is the main cause of belly fat in women. I happen to have enough for a small village.


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