I AM: Informed

I wish I could say I’m perfect. Actually, no I don’t. I like being flawed. Every now and again I indulge in something that is totally not good for me…a pint of ice cream while watching the Biggest Loser. C’mon, I’m not the only one. One thing I do like to be is informed about my choices. I don’t drink soda anymore, at least not like I used to. I used to average three to four cans a day, now I can go months before I have even one. When I vote, I may not completely agree with the candidate, but I’m informed on their views. When I buy something I’m voting with my dollars. Sometimes I chose not be informed, but you can bet most times I have a good idea what my money is going to support.

There is so much more access to information now than there was when I was young. It’s hard not to be informed and easy to be over informed and misinformed. I think that’s okay as long as the effort is made to understand the truth of the matter. One way I stay informed is by NOT listening to the news. Crazy huh. When I lived in Europe I watched the European news. The newscasters did this crazy thing where they simply reported the news and left their opinions out of it. There were shows that did that, similar to in the US. But for the most part they presented the facts and let the listener reach their own conclusion. Imagine that.

In a world with so many decisions we have to make every minute, we need to be as informed as possible. I am constantly learning and adjusting. The more I’ve learned about wealth and health the more I’ve incorporated into my own belief system, behaviors and habits. Now I’m trying to impart those learnings to you so you don’t have to stumble as much as I did. Everybody’s circumstance is different, it’s not one size fit all world. That’s the beauty of being informed, I choose not to smoke, or drink soda or put all of my money in one basket because I have a good idea about the consequences of those things. The most important thing you can do for yourself is be informed, then act on that information – even if you go contrary to it.


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