I AM: Sleepy

I loooove to sleep. Yeah, I said it. In a society that considers the lack of sleep a badge of honor I gladly lay my head down on the pillow to get some Zzzzz’s. My Mom tells me that as a newborn I quickly started sleeping the entire night without waking up. Often times she would find me awake in my crib in the morning just smiling waiting to be picked up. I recall as a kid I rarely had to be told to go to bed. I had my pajamas on and I found staying awake a bit of an inconvenience. Now, I shoot for eight hours, five will get the job done in a pinch. When I get less sleep than that my body begins to rebel.

When I’ve gone several days in a row or have a week with minimal sleep my immune system practically shuts down. I start to feel the scratch of my throat, sniffles, etc. Almost every illness I have had in the past two years I can tie back to a lack of sleep. Except when I got the flu last year when a co-worker gave it to me. I don’t get the flu shot, but my co-worker did. We both had the same symptoms for the same length of time. I bet he’s glad he got the shot. I digress.

My favorite cartoon characters have always been the sleepy ones from Sleepy Smurf to Sleepy Dwarf. I love to sleep. So much happens in our body while we slumber. There are some processes that don’t even start until we’re deep in REM sleep. I swear sometimes I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow. I have no trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. An odd thing about the women in my family though. We wake up once at night. We remember it, but fall back to sleep quickly. It’s strange but I don’t feel any less rested because of it.

So let the world think I’m a slacker because I need my sleep. I’m happier, healthier and my body, with proper exercise and nutrition, has everything it needs to keep me going. In fact, I’m feeling a little sleepy right now. I think I’ll take a nap, LOL.


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