I AM: The Very Model of a Modern Major General

hrací karty QUEENI am the very model of a modern major general, I have information vegetable, animal and mineral…

Okay, I probably threw you for a loop on this one. This is the first line from a song in a Gilbert and Sullivan opera called The Pirates of Penzance. It’s not exactly important who Gilbert and Sullivan are, nor is it important you know the opera. The point of this particular song is that the major general knows EVERYTHING and speak on ANYTHING. The first time I heard this song as a child I obsessed with trying to learn the words. This was before the internet and Google so I had to replay the VHS (yes, the VHS) over and over again to write down the words. I had no idea what most of the words were nor how to spell them.

My interest in this song, looking back on myself, was the thought about knowing so much that I could talk to anyone about anything. Sure I should have one or two areas of deep knowledge, but I wanted to be able to connect with anyone from any walk of life, country or culture. This week the first line of this song is very fitting because I”m going to be talking about the essentials of vitamins and minerals, fat and other nutritional basics.

My diet includes both vitamins and minerals (admittedly need more of both) as well as good fats. I limit my intake of bad fat because I suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Maybe an over-share huh? But IBS effects a lot of black people, especially women. There are all sorts of theories for this. Chief among them is that genetically speaking those of African descent were not meant to eat a high amount of animal fat. I have found over time that a diet low in saturated fat and high in vitamins, minerals and fiber drastically reduces the symptoms and occurrence of IBS.


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