June 2016 Progress Report – 2016 Black EVEolution Challenge

8 Actions Black women need to take

We are half way through the year, where are you with your personal life goals? If you’re a little behind or have seemingly abandon some goals, don’t worry, you still have six months to go! This is follow up to the 8 actions black women need to take this year. I’ve been right there with you. I’ve done great on some and fallen behind on some others. I’ve even fallen behind on posting my progress reports. I’m hoping you’ll keep me honest. Here’s my update on the 8 actions black women need to take in 2016.


I started meditating. I won’t say I’m very good at it, but there’s an app for that. I tried a few different techniques, methods, and apps. I’m sticking with Calm. My next goal is to meditate for 15 consecutive days.

Be Healthy & Well

I completed all of my annual exams – eye, dental, and lady parts. My weight is holding steady, haven’t progressed toward my goal weight. However, my numbers are good!

Say Yes

I volunteered to be a blogger for TEDx Nashville. Keep your eye out for my future posts.


I was doing so well on this one until June. I will get back on track. I already have the next several books lined up. By the way, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime they provide a free book on the first Monday of every month for early reviews. Check your email!

Love Yourself and Others

In May I made a career transition. Now I’m taking some much needed me time hence the meditation.

Be Brave

I’m doing something I’ve never done before. Too early to reveal, but it’s cool.

Create Wealth

I have the opportunity to re-balance my retirement accounts for better diversification and growth opportunity.


I am still undecided. I know, we’re down to two, so that’s saying something. Regardless, I will show up at the poll an informed voter even if I have to exercise my right to write in a candidate. Also, coming up in August in Nashville is a very important school board election. I’ll be casting my vote then too. #VoteYall

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Nile Harris
Nile Harris, the Chief Chick, is a word weaver and dream believer with 20 years of experience in healthcare, finance, and education. This aspiring motivational speaker, TED presenter and LinkedIn Influencer is committed to valuing people, driving healthcare access and innovation, and weaving words that move people to action. Her views are her own.
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