Maximus Your Gluteus

Fitnes beautyAs Black women we tend to be genetically predisposed to having some junk in the trunk. But what if you didn’t draw the genetic card for a nice rear? Or maybe you just want to improve upon what nature blessed you with. The glutes are a muscle and like any muscle the size can be increased through strength training.

The best way to a fantastic gluteus maximus is squats. You can find a good regimen of squat workouts that will tone your bum while building some muscles. Of course nutrition is a part of this. Assuming you have the nutrition part down here are some exercises that will help plump the rump:

  • Squats – to do squats correctly act as if you are about to sit in a chair. Your butt should be pointing to the wall behind you as you lower yourself into the squat position. Your legs should be at least shoulder width apart, a larger stride is good for the inner thighs as well. Your upper body should be still as you keep your back straight through the movement.
  • Lunges – very simple. Take a step forward keeping your knee directly over your foot. Lower the back leg down toward the floor keeping your upper body straight. If you need to you can put your hands on the knee that’s out in front of you for stability. You can do a backward lunge by stepping backward instead of forward. You can do these by alternating legs in place or by moving forward a few feet then reverse direction.
  • Step up or stairs – get something sturdy to step up and down on or use a step in your house or outside.
  • Bridge pose – here you lie flat on your back with knees in the air. You will lift your butt and core off the floor, hold it a few seconds then release. This also works the lower back.
  • Side leg lifts – lay on one side and raise your leg in the air, this is good for the inner thighs as well
  • Superman – lie face down on the floor and raise your arms and legs simultaneously, you know, like Superman. Hold it for a few seconds, release and repeat.

You can add weights to almost all of these exercises especially the squats, lunges and step ups. Get some dumbbells or kettle ball and use them as extra resistance.  Do you have any tips, please share in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.





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