Nutrition 101: Food Deserts – An Epidemic

It wouldn’t productive or realistic to talk about feeding your body wonderful food (and some treats) without acknowledging the massive population of people living in food deserts. A food desert is as it sounds. There are no grocery stores in the immediate area where shoppers can buy fresh produce, meats, etc. and the ones that are available have extremely high prices. Those with cars are potentially able to drive the 20-30 miles to the nearest store. The elderly and others without cars are not. They are either left to public transportation, a taxi, local outreach programs, or subsisting on nearby fast food options. According to Feeding America, 50 million people suffer from hunger, that’s 1 in 6, right here in the United States.

What do you do if you live in a food desert? There is a growing movement to grow your own food. If you live somewhere you can grow some vegetables and fruits there are businesses out there that will teach you how to create a patch of land. Live in an apartment? Some communities have banded together to create indoor gardens with the aid of businesses focused on this very thing. Other communities have benefitted from food trunks carrying fruits and vegetables directly into the neighborhood once or twice a week.

There is hope. If you’re reading this you have access to the internet to search for some programs in your area. I’ve included links to and Washington Post stories to help point you in the right direction. Get online right now. If you know someone who lives in a food desert, be a resource for them.

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