Nutrition 101: Is Everything A Super Food Now?

AntioxidantsI’m waiting for the day when a Snickers bar is declared a super food. Is it me or has almost every fruit and vegetable on Earth become a super food. The marketing term is used by food companies to get people to buy their foods. That’s a bit of a no-brainer. Whenever something new starts making its way into everyday conversation you can be sure major companies will capitalize on it. How can you be sure you’re actually benefiting from a super food.

First you need to understand what a super food is. Simply put a super food is a food (actual food out of the ground) that packs a nutritional punch. The real deal is that most fruits and vegetables come with their own set of super powers. They were designed by nature to provide specific benefits based on where they first occurred. Nature is so awesome. The fruits and vegetables of a region are best suited to sustain life in that region. But as the world became more modern and we were able to ship food around the world or grow food in new places that fact became somewhat lost. In ancient healing methodologies across various cultures fruits and vegetables were used to heal certain ailments. It was believed that the shape and/or color of a fruit dictated it’s best use. For example, tomatoes look like hearts and they contain lycopene which is good for the heart. If you cut a carrot in half the center of it looks similar to the iris of an eye and guess what, they happen to be great for eye health. Potatoes are shaped like lungs and contain a compound that good for respiratory health. I could go on.

Some foods pack more of a punch than others such as quinoa. Supposedly a human can survive on nothing but quinoa because it contains most if not all of the body’s nutritional needs. Perhaps that makes it super. Different foods have different benefits. Take lettuce as another example. While it doesn’t provide too much in the way of nutrients, it does contain a compound that has a calming effect. If you’re a juicer perhaps you’ve seen juice recipes that call for the use of lettuce in sleep elixirs.

Second, to be sure you are fully benefiting from consuming nature’s bounty stay away from processed foods. Organic is often the best way to go to avoid chemicals. If you want to include spices such as Tumeric and Cinnamon make sure it’s not overly processed or chemically treated which is what you may find at the grocery store.

An issue popping up with the use of the term super food is that consumers may be over-indulging causing illness. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Many of these claims on how super they are haven’t been scientifically tested. The next step is that nutritional companies turn the food into a supplement and sell it as a miracle worker. Balance is key.

Are you a super foodie? What do you think about the use of the term super foods? Please share your thoughts below and share with your friends. We want to hear from you.





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