Nutrition 201: Foods That Fix

The Mayo Clinic found that 7 of 10 Americans are on at least one prescription medication. Let’s see how this number breaks down: 17% of those studied were prescribed antibiotics, 13% were taking antidepressants and 13% were on opioids, 11% to lower lipids and vaccines were 11%. Drugs were prescribed to both men and women across all age groups, except high blood pressure drugs, which were seldom used before age 30. Prescription drugs is a lucrative business, in 2009 they accounted for 12% of personal healthcare expenditures at $250B. Anti-depressants are among the most prescribed drugs out there.

There is a school of thought that prescription drugs are actually killing people while also helping them. That we should turn to the plant world to heal whatever ails us. This may be crazy. If you know anything about drugs you know they are primarily based on plants. There are cases of people who have turned their lives and health around by moving to a plant-based diet. Check out “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” to learn how Joe Cross turned turned his situation around by living only on juicing fruits and vegetables. It’s important to know what foods to what. The Farmacist Reference book outlines the importance of fruits and vegetables, but also their specific job in the body.

This is only one resource among many that tout the plant kingdom as the cure all. Why this book? Because it teaches you that you can identify what part of the body a food is for based on its shape. That’s right. Here’s a few:

  • Walnuts are brain food. When you crack the shell open it looks like a brain, yes. It is also full of Omega-3 fat. This could help ward of Alzheimer’s. 
  • Tomatoes cut open look like the chambers of the heart. They’re a good heart food and full of lycopene (latin for red) that keeps the blood moving swiftly.
  • Celery is shaped like bones because they have bone strengthening power.
  • Garlic is a natural antibiotic.
  • Apples are a health powerhouse. The pectin found in the skin helps remove heavy metals from your blood and are gold to the cardiovascular system.
  • Potatoes look like lungs and do wonders for the respitory system, have asthma, eat raw potatoes with some lemon juice and salt sprinkled on once a day.
  • Carrot slices look like eyes and guess what, they are meant for the eyes.
  • Mushrooms sort of look like a thyroid and they are super high in iodine which can help get your thyroid back on track or keep it on track.
  • Avocado looks like a pregnant woman and pregnant women who eat them may go on to have healthy, happy, complication-free pregnancies.
  • Radishes don’t look like anything in particular but they are great for cleansing the lymphatic system.
  • Olives look like ovaries…works the same for men!

A diet that includes these fruits and vegetables enable the body to heal itself and keep it healthy. I’m not suggesting you chuck your prescribed meds in the trash, but getting these will get your body moving in the right direction. This list is just a start, the most common foods you find at the grocery store and farmers’ market. It’s even better if you juice your vegetables. You can get more bang for your buck.

I’m just keeping it new.

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