Nutrition 301: Juice Cleanse…Is It Worth It?

There are all sorts of cleanses out there. You really need to be careful about choosing one. Many are packaged and can include chemicals. It’s important to understand the purpose of the cleanse.

Your body is a self-contained system. It cleanses itself. The problem is if you keep putting toxins in your body, your body can’t catch up. Have you ever heard your body starts healing the minute you stop smoking? That’s because the body is also renewing itself. The purpose of a cleanse is to give your body a chance to “rest” and work on flushing the toxins out. Many of these toxins end up stored in our fat and sit in our colon…for years. A cleanse is intended to flush the colon. When there’s fecal matter just sitting in there for years and years, it continues to give off toxins.

The ancient Egyptians referred to the digestive system as the river of life. If you put garbage in the river, the garbage flows everywhere. There are natural ways to clear the river. Psyllium is a fiber that expands and “pushes” whatever is in its way out. Living a pure juice diet is also another way to cleanse. The cleanse can last about 3-5 days. For the first few days you’re just drinking the fresh fruits and vegetables you juice. You slowly add in light foods such as egg whites, white meat (if your a meat eater), or solid fruits and vegetables.

The fiber works to clear the colon and help fat release toxins. Should you rush out to do this? Many people, including myself, are deprived of many vitamins and minerals. This is great way to add them in. You should consult a physician before trying it. Some may say it’s impossible to live on juiced fruits and vegetables. I would argue differently. Having solid fruits and vegetables have benefits, but vegans live on purely plant diet, they’re okay.

I tried a juice cleanse. It didn’t have much impact for me. Then again, I don’t have a terrible diet to begin with. I spent some time in the bathroom and I noticed some other effects I won’t mention. For me it was a great way to get into the juicing habit. If you have a diet full of processed foods you may have a very different experience. One thing I had to do for the cleanse and continue to do is start my day with warm water with fresh-squeezed lemon. Sometimes I put in a teaspoon of fiber, the kind that dissolves in water. This is a great way to wake up the digestive system. I put psyllium in my protein shake most days.

I would say a juice cleanse it worth it as a way to reset your body, get it some vital nutrients and start a new habit. You may or may not lose weight during that week. It gives your body a break from active digestion so it can focus on clearing out what’s already in there. No chemicals or herbs necessary. If you do it right and keep it up with a healthy diet you should be eliminating fecal waste one to two times a day…and should be very productive sessions 🙂

I’m just keeping it new.

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