Review: P90X

It’s the start of a new year and that means resolutions to eat healthier and exercise more. If you’ve been curious about P90x but quite sure it’s for you this chick is here to tell you how it went. I did P90x about two years ago, there has since been a new release of P90X2 and P90x3. I can’t speak to those programs just the one I did.

Let me tell you it’s a workout and things did hurt. It truly is muscle confusion and a great workout. You have the option to do the recommended program or a customized program just read the booklet. I suggest you follow the basic program first to get used to the moves and techniques. If you’ve weight lifted before that’s about the same but there are some moves in there with just your body that you’ll need to practice. If you have an hour a day that’s truly all you need. You should also follow the meal plan. If you don’t like what’s on the menu you can simply eat what you like following the recommended amount of protein vs carbs. Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.

The results for me were marginal but I’m not at all surprised by that. I have a rather high tipping point. I built a great deal of muscle. But I build muscle easily. I can sneeze and build a little ab muscle. What I struggle with is burning fat. In retrospect I probably should have gone for the fat-burning regimen versus the basic which is focused on building muscle. I didn’t burn much fat or lose too many inches despite following the meal plan. The biggest challenge for me was sticking with the daily workout plan. I travel a lot. Though I would take the DVDs with me I found it hard sometimes to make sure I got my workout in when I didn’t have a whole hour to dedicate. I also added in other cardiovascular activities. I replaced the yoga workout (I’m not fond of yoga) with running outdoors and I added in some dancing for variety. My body adjusts quickly but since you are encouraged to increase your number of reps as you go, I didn’t really get used to the workouts.

I found an Apple iPad app that I used to track my workouts. I liked that better than recording it in writing since I needed something when I traveled. If you do a search in the Apple or Android store I’m sure you can find something suitable.

Overall, though it didn’t give me the ripped body I was hopping for that’s probably because it wasn’t best suited for my body or my schedule. I still weave in some of the DVDs into my workout. I like to keep my body in fat-burning mode versus muscle building mode. My favorite workout is the kempo karate and that may be because I studied kempo karate in college.


  • Varied daily workouts that will keep you engaged
  • You have the opportunity to increase your number of reps as you improve and get stronger
  • Everyone is very easy to see and the moves are clearly demonstrated and easily repeatable
  • Challenging…you work up a good sweat
  • You will see results, whether it’s inches\pounds lost or muscle built you will see a difference
  • If you don’t like the menu you can create your own using the recommended food breakdown
  • The price is comparable to other home-based DVD workout programs


  • This may not be for you if you travel a lot

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