Review: Vibram FiveFingers

If you are thinking about getting into barefoot running I have a couple of recommendations for you, both from Vibram FiveFingers. I’m not quite ready to hit the running path without shoes on my feet so I turned to Vibram that makes a type of barefoot running shoe branded FiveFingers. At first there were just a couple of types of shoes but Vibram has expanded their offering. The shoes feature a thin layer of rubber-like material that allows the wearer to feel the road as they run. The cloth material is tight around your foot to create a nice snug feeling, almost like a second skin. There is a sleeve for each toe similar to gloves making your toes look like five fingers. It’s important to get the fit right so the material isn’t too tight.

There are various kinds of FiveFingers you can buy to suit your needs. I strictly run on a pavement no dirt or gravel trails, you can still feel it if you on a rock or something, but it generally doesn’t hurt. While they are basically slide onto your feet they are secured by Velcro straps, “shoe strings”, or nothing. They came in all sorts of colors. You can choose the shoe that best meets your workout regimen such as cross trainers, hiking, yoga, dancing or running. Not only do I wear mine for running but I also use them to stand in surgery and/or running errands.

They did take some getting used to but that’s more so because I was transition to barefoot running. You should take your time when you start off with barefoot running. Ease into it. Wear these shoes just walking around or to do errands. Jumping into running long distances in these shoes (or without for that matter) can result in injury. If you’re not into the individual toe look you can get barefoot shoes with the toes enclosed as well from Merrell. While I have not used Merrell’s barefoot running shoes I do own some of their hiking shoes and boots which are great quality and work very well. The idea is to get rid of the cushioning. You should still keep a eye out for glass or sharp objects.

I have used both the Vibram FiveFingers Komodo Sport and Bikila and have been very pleased. People stop while I’m out all of the time to ask me about them, and I’ve converted about three people. When I’m out running people don’t want to stop me but as they’re running by they shout out “nice shoes! do you like them?” to which I shout back “Thank you, yes!”.


  • Many different styles to suit your needs and style
  • Comfortable – no cushion to disrupt the benefit of barefoot running
  • Allows your toes to spread out
  • Easy to wash
  • Fits for men, women and unisex


  • Because the sole is very thin it can wear out quickly if you run frequently, but that’s too be expected


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