Review: Withings Blood Pressure Monitor


Do you need or want to monitor your blood pressure regularly? Do you have a family member who needs to monitor their blood pressure daily or weekly? I have a solid solution for you. It is another product from Withings that I have grown to love. It’s very simple and not much explanation needed. It works very similar to the blood pressure cuff you find at the doctor’s office or in a local drug store, with one exception – you never have to leave your home and you can take it on the road with you. It measures heart rate as well as pressure. Your history is stored in the smart phone app and you can easily send your statistics to your doctor or concerned family member. It does require an Apple iOS (iPhone or iPad), it’s not compatible with Android at this time. Much like the Withings weight scale it connects to third-party apps as well as Withing’s online tool. Control in the palm of your hand.

As someone who has been in the medical device field for ten years, what I like best about it is it’s FDA approved and has several certifications to its accuracy. Another feature I like is you can program the cuff to take a single measurement or three at one time to get your average measurement. Use my affiliate link above to order at Amazon, you can also visit to find out more about this product.


  • Available anytime and anywhere
  • User friendly iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) app interface (check the website to make sure you have the right iOS compatibility)
  • Large numbers on the app screen for easy reading
  • Third party connectivity to manage all of your health stats in one place
  • Includes heart rate
  • Powered by the handheld device, no need to charge
  • Look at one or average of three readings
  • Easy to use online interface
  • If you’re already using the weigh scale, no need for a separate login, it’s in one place
  • Attractive looking – doesn’t look at all like the cuff at a doctor’s office


  • Not compatible with Android
  • The cuff can get a bit tight, but it’s doesn’t hurt

Give it a spin, you just may like it! Click on my Amazon affiliate link to buy it or head to for more information. Remember, if you’re looking to improve your current state of health or even just maintain it, INFORMATION IS POWER!

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