The Basics About “the Sugar” AKA Type II Diabetes

Types of diabetesAs a young child growing up I heard the term “sugar” alot. Someone had “the sugar”. When I got to high school I learned that “the sugar” is really diabetes. But I only learned technically what it is. Diabetes is a high level of sugar in the blood. I, like millions of others, didn’t really think this was big a deal. I ate too much sugar all of the time. So what. Eventually my level would came back to normal. In college I learned there are two types, type I which is the kind you’re born with and type II, the kind you develop. There’s also gestational, or diabetes you develop while pregnant, but that’s not our major concern here. Neither is type I. Though both conditions are very serious, type II is the kind, generally speaking, that can be prevented and reversed. That’s why I’m focusing on type II.

Now, I didn’t understand the severity of diabetes until I was well entrenched in the medical device industry. During a visit to the Diabetes division of my company we had a physician speaker talk to us about the devastating effects of diabetes. The leaders of our division also discussed how difficult it is for them to help patients stay compliant to their insulin treatments. This physician, Dr. Francine Kaufman, brought her book, Diabesity, with her to help explain the real threats of diabetes. Wow – eye opening. I told my family to read it, after which my aunt threw out all of the candy in her house.

In a nutshell, I’ll explain what type II diabetes is. The cells become insulin resistant. Insulin binds to sugar to move it through our bodies to be used. Insulin is manufactured by the pancreas. The insulin circulates in the body and attaches to the cells, but the cells don’t care. Sugar continues to build up in the blood stream. The pancreas can’t keep this up and ceases to manufacture insulin. This is the onset of diabetes. Often times there is no sign that a person is developing this deadly disease. Extreme thirst is a good indicator that someone may have diabetes as the body will try to use the water to flush out the sugar.

A good way to describe this state of being is that having diabetes is like having shards of glass running through your blood vessels. Ouch!

This is just a first and simple look at diabetes. New black chicks first need to understand so that we know what and why we need to change. More on this important topic later.

I’m just keeping it new.

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