The Decade Of The Black EVEolution

I’m calling it right here and right now. You heard it here first. This is the decade of the Black EVEolution and I am your mistress of ceremony. I’m borrowing a bit from the rapper Eve, who’s album was entitled EVE-olution. Here the “EVE” in EVEolution represents women based on our enduring Biblical matriarch. I once heard that a leader of a company when asked about the lack of Black women’s success in his organization stated “Black women either need to conform or start a revolution”. I don’t know if it’s true but I think about that statement a lot. If it’s a revolution he wants it looks like a revolution he shall have.

The New Black Chick has been going for just over a year now. This site was started as a means to reverse the negative health and wealth trends while perpetuating positive images of Black women. During this time The New Black Chick has provided information to get fit, get knowledge, get power and excel. While the general health trend is not in our favor there are other factors that are such as education, growing professional success and entrepreneurship. The good news is the health trend can be reversed through knowledge and access to information and resources, not to mention better health insurance coverage. The greater news is this country is seeing more Black women educated than ever before; Black women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs; and Black women are rising in the ranks of Corporate America.

Other things have been changing in the Black woman community as well.  More and more Black women are ditching relaxers and opting for their natural hair. In Corporate America where it was traditionally felt you had to straighten your hair to be accepted, Black women are doing the big chop and not apologizing. There are more Black women speakers than ever before and they have a message that’s not just for other Black women. Much like when Michael Jackson’s Thriller video aired on MTV, Black women are becoming cross over hits. I believe Oprah has contributed to that greatly and opened the doors for many Black women to be seen and heard in other ways. Oprah didn’t stand on a platform of I’m a Black women, she said I’m a human and I want to be a part of the collective human experience, and I happen to be a Black woman. Lest I not forget Michelle Obama my birthday buddy. She is one of the most loved First Ladies in history right up there with Jackie O and Eleanor Roosevelt. While there are still many negative stereotypes that plague us, and even Oprah gets profiled, it’s no longer an anomaly to be in the presence of a smart, well-educated and wealthy Black woman.

There are numerous books, websites and organizations dedicated and focused on uplifting Black women giving fuel to this renaissance of sorts. Black women are at a tipping point. If you haven’t read The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell I highly suggest you do so. Throughout the history of Black America its most significant pivots have been due, in part, to the evolution of Black women in society. That is not to discount the role Black men play in the history of this nation. When we look at crucial tipping points in the advancement of the Black culture in America women are often the center points or a major contributor. As Black women continue their rise they are beginning to rival White men in educational, professional, and wealth attainment. We are in fact almost par with White women, yet are still paid slightly less and hold fewer leadership positions in Corporate America but the gap is quickly closing. When, not if, Black and White women join forces it will be a palpable shift in today’s world.

Frankly, what seems to separate Black women from their White counterparts is opportunity and perception not knowledge and skill. Stay with the New Black Chick as we continue to explore the Black EVEolution. We already have Black Chicks That Rule  but there’s more coming to make sure everyone is part of this EVEolution. This segment will look at what Black women are doing every day to make a positive impact on this world and how others can be a part. In these hard economic times fortune favors the daring and history never  remembers those who want the status quo. Black women are uniquely positioned to elevate their status as a whole to powerful decision makers, movers and shakers. It requires that we all use our voices loudly as one, vote with our dollars and push through.

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