Thigh Gap…Really? You Can Be Too Skinny

woman legs wearing blue pantyhoseWe hear so much about being overweight or obese and not so much about being too skinny. I know the old saying you can never be too rich, too beautiful or too skinny. Of course that’s not true. Being “too” of anything is not good. There is an issue with not having enough fat on your bones. We’ve all seen the actresses who practically disappear when they turn sideways or you can see each and every rib. Even though the media portrays size negative 2 as the ideal body it’s simply not true. It is equally damaging to be too skinny as it is to be too overweight but for different reasons.

There is a term for this called thigh gap. It’s basically your thighs are so skinny that they don’t touch. Which is fine, but this term is starting to become the “in thing” and women are obsessed with achieving it. Women all over the US want to attain this thigh gap at all costs because it’s a symbol of skinniness in their minds.

Too skinny here is defined as someone whose bones you can clearly see and lacks muscle tone and definition. If someone’s ribs can be counted by simply looking at them, they don’t have enough fat and muscle tissue to cover them up, protect and keep vital organs warm. Someone who is too skinny is also potentially lacking vital nutrients to maintain their system. Typically those who lack enough body weight will have iron deficiencies. Fat does play a good role in our bodies. It’s not always the villain. While it stores toxins it’s primary function is to store energy for use by the body later. It provides warmth, particularly for women, and protection for our vital organs.

Those who are underweight are not immune to heart disease and diabetes. It seems counter intuitive but if one has a bad diet that lacks nutrients or they don’t have enough energy for the body’s processes they can develop heart disease. Skinny people can also develop insulin resistance leading to type II diabetes. Visceral fat, the fat most responsible for diabetes, can still be stored in a skinny person’s body. This fat will be stored deep inside the abdominal cavity, around the heart and liver. These folks also tend to have a compromised immune system due to lack of fuel. Anemia, lack of iron, B-12 and folate, can lead to fatigue, dizziness and headaches.

Too much of anything is a bad thing. It’s great to be thin and healthy versus underweight. Like and share this post with your friends.



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