To Be or Not To Be Vegan

Cheer your life like your food does.Are you considering a lifestyle change especially when it comes to your nutrition? There are tons of options out there when it comes to the type of nutrition plan you want to follow. It can be a bit confusing. Do you want to be gluten free? Do you want to be paleo? What about this Atkins diet thing? We’ll explore the various types of food beliefs or practices as we go, let’s start with vegan versus vegetarian.

Veganism has been around for quite a while. The term came into being in 1944 when Donald Watson founded the Vegan Society in England. A vegan diet differs from the vegetarian diet in that it doesn’t include anything of an animal, including dairy. The easiest way to describe it is they eat nothing that once had a face. Even simpler it’s a plant based diet. Now that doesn’t mean they aren’t eating junk food, it’s junk food that contains zero animal byproducts.

Vegans can be broken down into two subcategories, dietary and ethical. Ethical vegans take it one step further and don’t wear or use anything derived from an animal. For example an ethical vegan wouldn’t be caught sporting a leather jacket. Perhaps you’ve seen vegan shoes or clothing in a store or online. Choosing to go vegan can be about a moral decision or a health decision or both. Those that don’t feel we should use animals at all for human gain are vegan for more of a moral choice. There are others who have gone vegan for its health benefits.

Have you noticed President Bill Clinton has slimmed down over the past few years? That’s because after his last heart surgery he decided it was time to make a change to save to his own life. In 2010 he started shifting to veganism. He lost 20-30 pounds and has kept it off. Research has shown that a diet low in animal proteins and high in vitamin C, magnesium, omega-3, and fiber significantly reduces the occurrence of heart disease. It may even contribute to reversing the condition according to Dr. Dean Omish.

If you’ve been a meat-eater all of your life you may be wondering how to go vegan. The best tip is to do plenty of research into how you can create substitutes for your favorite dishes or treats. You can have a vegan cake, bread, etc. Take it in small bites (pun intended). Start by substituting one meal for a vegan option for a week. The next week substitute the one meal and all of your snacks. Then move up to two. Leave room to experiment with alternatives without locking yourself in to the new plan. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust mentally and physically. If you’re active make sure you’re getting plenty of calories and protein to fuel your workouts.

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