Want Something New, Speak It Into Existence

i love my lifeDid you know that you are in control of the single most powerful weapon in your arsenal to achieve wealth and happiness? That weapon is your words. The words you speak have a direct impact on your life in ways that you can see and in ways you don’t. Words have the power to hurt and the power to heal others and yourself. Changing our language is the best way to create the life you want for yourself. This includes the words you say out loud and in your head. The two most powerful words of all are “I am”. Joel Osteen says whatever follows I am will come looking for you. The is the very premise behind “fake it until you make it”. If that’s not enough convincing the Law of Attraction and the Bible also say to do this. Your words and thoughts cause you to vibrate at a certain frequency. Matter that vibrates at like frequencies are drawn to each other. You know this to be true because you have used the phrase “misery loves company” at least once in your life.

The Bible says to speak things if they are already in existence. The book, The Secret, discusses the very same thing. A simple example from the book is finding a parking spot. Visualize the parking spot where you need it to be and thank the Universe or God or what ever you believe and will be waiting on you. This is how you manifest the things you want. When you’re clear about what you want and speak and think that way the Universe has no choice but to arrange itself to make it happen. It may sound strange but this is based in science. The foundation of the law of attraction is based on quantum physics.

In short you are what you attract. Here are some tips for using your language to create the life you want:

  • Speak and think positively. Simply focus on the bright side of a situation. When something happens no matter how difficult or tragic start saying you will survive it. Try, in small snippets, to see yourself after it. If you’re someone who is always thinking and speaking negatively just find something nice to say. The key is to just do it.
  • Change your “I AM” statements. The Universe doesn’t pay attention to modifiers. Say “I am beautiful” instead of “I am not ugly”. The Universe and incidentally your brain will focus on the word “ugly”. Our brains are actually designed to notice the bad or dangerous things first and often. What this means is your brain will sooner recognize and internalize an insult than a compliment. Always speak in terms of compliments and speak in how you want to be. For instance say “I used to be an over-eater, now I have a healthy and nutritious lifestyle”.
  • You aren’t trying, you’re doing. It’s common in our culture to use the word “trying”, but Yoda had it right. There is not try, there is do or do not do. This is a difficult habit to catch and modify but you can. Instead of “I’m trying to start a new business” it’s “I am starting a new business”. As time goes on you will catch your tries more often.
  • Encourage yourself. Did you eat a pint of ice cream after a stressful day at work? Oh well, it happens to the best of us. Have a bit of laugh about it with yourself and move on. I once snarfed down a large fry and a hot fudge sundae in about 10 minutes. I was having some particularly strong cravings that day. I heard this little voice in the back of my head say “wow, that didn’t stand a chance did it.” and I started laughing as I pictured what I must have looked like in that moment. No feelings of inadequacy or guilt and no additional cravings. Just back to the plan. And if you find yourself in this situation a lot, tell yourself everyone needs help sometimes and then ask for it.
  • Gratitude. Take time out every day to express your gratitude for what you already have. You may not have everything you want but you are closer today than you were yesterday.

These are just a few tips to get you thinking and speaking your future into existence. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, surround yourself with people who already believe what you want to believe. Pretty soon you will find you just automatically think and feel the same way. Like, share and comment with any tips or tricks or stories about how you’ve manifested the life you want.






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