Warren Buffett Says To Bet On Women

When Warren Buffett speaks people listen. If you don’t know who Warren Buffett is, in short, he is a very rich and wealthy man. He is an investment guru with a string of successes and books to his credit. So when Warren Buffett said women are the key to America’s success, people listened. Not just women, but girls too. He is arguably the best investment mind on the planet…who would dare say he’s wrong?

He notes that women are still being held back though it is being corrected slowly. An interesting challenge he points out is that women may have been brainwashed to believe they can’t be as successful. He also highlights that it’s a shame if a company is not using all of its resources available just because of they’re women. Berkshire Hathaway, his famed company, is undergoing change. Mr. Buffett says he would hire a woman over a man if they were both equally qualified. What else did he say in the May, 2013 issue of Fortune magazine:

“So, my fellow males, what’s in this for us? Why should we care whether the remaining barriers facing women are dismantled and the fun-house mirrors junked? Never mind that I believe the ethical case in itself is compelling. Let’s look instead to your self-interest.

No manager operates his or her plants at 80% efficiency when steps could be taken that would increase output. And no CEO wants male employees to be underutilized when improved training or working conditions would boost productivity. So take it one step further: If obvious benefits flow from helping the male component of the workforce achieve its potential, why in the world wouldn’t you want to include its counterpart?

Fellow males, get onboard. The closer that America comes to fully employing the talents of all its citizens, the greater its output of goods and services will be. We’ve seen what can be accomplished when we use 50% of our human capacity. If you visualize what 100% can do, you’ll join me as an unbridled optimist about America’s future.”

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