Well Being: Ditch the Calendar and Find Out Your Real Age

Fotolia_34635733_Subscription_Monthly_XXLAnother year is getting ready to pass on the calendar, another year older. How do you feel? Are you in great shape? Average shape? Do you get sick often? Are your numbers average or higher? These are great questions to ask yourself if you’re looking to improve your life in the area of health especially as it relates to how your body would answer these questions.

Let’s say today is your 40th birthday (happy birthday) that’s your calendar age, but what age is your body? The concept of Real Age was introduced by Dr. Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen. The concept is unbelievably simple and makes complete sense. If we aren’t giving our bodies the proper nutrition and exercise they will age faster than the calendar. A huge accelerator of the aging process is smoking. The negative impacts of smoking to both the smoker and smokee (those exposed to smoke) are too vast to discuss in this post. No worries, we’ll have some real talk about it soon. These two physicians developed a Real Age test based on their experiences. Together have written a collection of books several of which I recommend, especially You Staying Young and You the Owner’s Manual.

The test involves some basic physical activities as well as answering some questions about your lifestyle. From this the test puts together an estimate of how old your body thinks it is. Why does this work and why is it important? Our bodies are results of what we put in them and do to them over time. Some things can age us prematurely such as excess sugar and smoking. As muscles and blood vessels go unused and without exercise they weaken. Why is this important? Because we’re seeing the effects of this in younger people. There are teenagers who have the physical abilities and health stats of a 55 year old. Twenty and thirty somethings are dying from heart disease. This is no longer just an “old” person’s disease. Knowing your Real Age can help set you in the direction to create a fitness plan for yourself. You first need to know where you are and decide where you want to be. I took the test myself and I was younger than my chronological age. I use it as guidance and rely mainly on my health stats to be a good indicator of where I am in my wellness journey.

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