Well Being: Fat’s Job In The Body

transparente übergewichtige Frau mit Organentransparente übergewichtige Frau mit Organentransparente übergewichtige Frau mit Organentransparente übergewichtige Frau mit OrganenFat cells - 3D RenderWhy, oh why is it necessary to have fat? I’ll take you through the most common reasons for fat that I think we’re all aware of:

  • Protects the internal organs like a cushion
  • Stores nutrients for later
  • Provides warmth

I think those basics about cover it. But do you understand how this works in the body? I was fascinated to find out some things about fat I didn’t know before this year. First, we know that fat stores energy in case we need it later. It converts food we eat but is not needed into energy that the body will call upon later. Did you know that if you starve the body of calories that it won’t release fat, it releases muscle. Muscle has protein and can sustain the vital organs longer than fat. So if you’re starving yourself thinking you’re going to burn up fat. Wrong. You send your body into starvation mode which is essentially super fat storage mode. It’s going to save that fat for when you really need it. This is left over from our cave man days. Our bodies have not evolved at the same rate as our brains. We are still very much cavemen in how our minds and bodies treat food.

Second, a very fascinating for me, is just like fat stores energy it stores toxins. If you’re constantly putting toxins into your body not giving it a chance to clear the body simply moves it to your fat stores. As long as the toxin is in the fat, the fat will remain. The key to releasing toxin from fat isn’t exercise, it’s nutrition. What!?!?! Yes. As you feed your body healthy foods it will begin to detox itself. Once all of the toxin are out of the blood stream it goes for the toxins in the fat. The fat has to break down in order for it to release the toxin. This is why people do detoxes before starting an exercise program or a change in diet. Your body is always trying to detox itself, but when you pile it in it can’t keep up with demand. There are all types of detoxes out there, make a safe choice for yourself. I prefer a juice detox.

Third, when you are pregnant you increase your subcutaneous fat for all the obvious reasons. But you shouldn’t gain more weight than what is recommended by your doctor because that fat could potentially be passed on to your unborn child increasing their birth weight and their risk of developing health complications.

Here’s what everyone wants to know – how do you get rid of this fat. You know I’m going to say it – get your mind right, get moving and change your diet – AND look at your lifestyle. Here are some things you might be doing that are increasing the toxins in your body causing you to hold on to unwanted fat (you do need some):

  • Smoking
  • Drinking excessively
  • High fat diet
  • High sodium consumption
  • Soda (aspartame, high fructose corn syrup)
  • Sedentary lifestyletransparente übergewichtige Frau mit Organen
  • Fertilizers*
  • Herbicides*
  • Pesticides*
  • Not sleeping (so much happens in our bodies when we sleep)
  • Unhappiness and stress (these release neurotoxins)

All things in moderation are fine (except smoking, that’s always damaging). Drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out once released. Though fat has a very important job in our bodies, too much of good thing is a bad thing. Too much fat leads to obesity which leads to all sorts of terrible health conditions.

*these are things found in non-organic foods, I will discuss that in another post


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