Well Being: OM…The Sound That Contains All Sounds


  • Meditation can take many forms, it’s all about reaching a state of relaxation
  • Lower blood pressure and stress are just a couple of benefits of meditation
  • It’s easy to get started

Let’s talk about meditation. I don’t do it. At least I thought I didn’t. I always thought meditating involved sitting in total silence for hours with myself as thoughts come in and land like a brick. I have a mind that goes and goes and goes. I have squirrel disease. You know, like a dog who is giving you her full attention until a squirrel runs by. Yes, that’s me. I’ve wanted to meditate because it has wonderful health benefits.

My professional coach asked me one day if I meditate. I said “no. I just can’t spend that kind of time with myself”. You see silence to me is noise. I can sleep through almost anything. What she told me after that shifted my thinking on meditation. She said if silence doesn’t work for you don’t do it in silence. Huh? She went on to ask when do I feel the most relaxed. For me music was key. I can play music and not think about anything or focus on one thing. I notice that when I am listening to music I can only focus one thing or no thing. I feel refreshed after a good music session especially if I was singing along, dancing or both. Running was also a great meditative state for me. I run five miles. Thoughts come in, I run them out. For me this has been transformative.

If you have been thinking about meditating but find the thought of it daunting, find what relaxes you and let that be your zen. Why mediate at all? It does have great cognitive restorative benefits. It slows the mind down so you can focus on a single issue at a time or on nothing at all. It takes your body out of fight or flight mode. We are highly stimulated all day that our bodies are in a constant l0w grade fight or flight zone. This causes cortisol, the hormone released when we’re stressed, to coarse through our blood. Cortisol is also the proud sponsor of belly fat. It also helps with pain response, anxiety and a whole host of other things. The heart slows down, the mind becomes more clear allowing those create ideas to flow forward. Take a look at this wonderful infographic on the benefits of meditation from the Huffington Post.

How does one get started with meditation you ask? Here are some tips:

  • Find out what relaxes you and start there
  • Start slow, if you go for silence start in small blocks of time in a place you won’t be disturbed
  • Of course do some research online, I came across a great site, www.synchronisty.org, for beginners and experts
  • Get a mantra – OM is the sound most associated with mediation, but you can say anything “Joy”, “love” , “i am awesome”
  • As thoughts pop into your mind, don’t get upset, let them float on by
  • This one is from me…protect your zen. There’s nothing worse than when you’re in your good space and someone tries to bring you down. I tell people sometimes, “hey, you’re messing with my zen”

Go somewhere, turn down the lights and get your zen on.




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