Well Being: The Universe Mandates You Have An Abundance

Have you heard of the law of attraction? This isn’t just about finding the right mate. This is about drawing those things to you that are meant for you. The Bible has hundreds of references that let followers know that you are meant to have every good thing God wants for you. You are to reap the bounty of the seeds you sow. Even if you are not a Christian or a believer in a God, most religions recognize this principle. The greater power has mandated that we as humanity have more love, more wealth, more of anything we wish as long as we follow its “rules”.

For the sake of this discussion, let’s refer to this as the Universe. If you have read or are familiar with the book The Secret you know that we are not separate from the natural world, we are a part of it. As such, wealth and health are ours for the taking. World class athletes visualize themselves winning. They walk through their movements and strategies step by step in their minds before they step foot on the battle field. The Bible says we are to speak things as if they are already in existence (Romans 4:16). Almost everyone has heard ask and ye shall receive. These are concepts from the Bible as well as other spiritual followings. This isn’t meant to be a statement on religion, rather it’s to bring to your attention to how ancient doctrine laid out the path for us to attain our wildest dreams centuries before we were born.

I recently took a course on how to manifest those things we want most in our lives. The steps were very simple. You will need to clear your mind and focus on the positive in order to receive and act on these steps. We are a part of this world – a part of nature. Therefore we can call upon this world to provide our deepest wants, dreams and desires. With all of the technology and “civilization” we may seem separate from the Universe, but this is not the case.

Step One – change your language. Really – talk about things in your life as though they already exist. For example, The Secret  says if you want a mate make space in your life for a mate. Have empty drawers in your dresser. If you have a two-car garage, use only one side. If you are easily agitated say things like “I used to be agitated by XYZ”.

Step Two – understand that your words create your reality. Your current state of being was created by the words you spoke in the past. “I AM” are the two most powerful words in the Universe. When the Universe hears “I AM” it answers you by making those things your reality. It doesn’t recognize modifiers such as “not”. So you must say “I AM beautiful” not “I Am not ugly”. Get it?

Step Three – focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. What you focus on expands. Again, the Universe doesn’t recognize modifiers. If you say “I don’t want a loser for a boyfriend” the Universe will deliver a loser. If you say “I want a winner for a boyfriend.” The Universe will deliver a winner.

Step Four – be clear about your intentions. What do you want (again, not what you don’t want), when do you want it and why. “I want a winner boyfriend by April, 2014 because I am a whole human being with genuine love to offer”. Replace “winner” with the specific traits you are looking for – giving, humorous, fun, emotionally available, loves children, etc. Be specific with the Universe. It’s like Burger King – you can have it your way.

Step Five – give the Universe your order and get out the way! Have you ever heard the phrase “let go and let God”? Want to know why? The Universe, God, or however you call your higher being knows what it is doing. It has been doing this since the beginning of time. I can assure you it doesn’t require your assistance. STOP. SIT. BE STILL.

Step Six – be grateful. It’s easy to be grateful when you get what you want. That’s not what I’m talking about. Be grateful in the moments that cause you the most pain. When my house flooded my first floor was 95% destroyed. I never once thought “why me”. When people didn’t show up for me in the way I thought they would, it caused me to look at myself. I was grateful for the opportunity to be a better friend. I seriously looked at how I respond to others in crisis. I now send snail mail for condolences and make offers of actionable items, e.g. can I go to the grocery store for you. I ended up with a better first floor than the one I started with and connected to others in a way I never had before.

Step Seven – persevere. Some things will come quick. Some will come slow. I’m used to quick. The Universe works in its time and you have to accept it. I’m a very patient person. There are some things I worked on for a week, some for a year, some I’m still working on. You have to show the Universe you’re serious. Put in your 100% effort and the Universe has no choice but to give it to you.

Step Eight – celebrate like crazy. When something even sort of happens, big or small, I do a dance. I have a dance for almost every emotion. I have a celebratory dance. I don’t mind saying I get my groove on! Music is my personal way to celebrate. Find yours. If you can, make it physical so you can anchor the feeling of success. Whenever I would score a goal in soccer I would do a slight fist pump the same way Micheal Jordon would after he scored a basket. It sets the feeling into your cells. Believe me.

Whatever it is that you want, create intentions around it using these steps. Write them down, it’s like email to the Universe. State your intention clearly, your purpose, your belief (why you deserve it)  and your commitment to your intention (100%). By the way, you can ask for money or wealth, just be clear why you want it. Is it to send your children to college, care for aging parents, you want to donate to charities, etc. – this is your purpose.



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