Review: Withings Wireless Weight Scale

I tend to be a bit lazy sometimes. I got tired of weighing myself then going to the BodyMedia Online Activity Manager to input my weight so I bought the Wireless Scale (WS-30) by Withings. It connects to your wireless internet network and feeds into an online activity tracker where you can see the progress of your weight, BMI and percentage of body fat. The feature that made it a winner for me is it connects to BodyMedia’s Online Activity Manager and inputs my weight automatically. The scale is the same size as other scales, but the convenience is awesome. I’ve been using the scale for over a year now. It’s very simplistic in design. Withings offers other products as well, such as the at-home blood pressure monitor and a baby monitor. The benefit to having this scale is that it feeds in to third-party apps such as Tactio and myfitnesspal in addition to BodyMedia. It also has a mobile app to check your progress any time, anywhere. They have recently introduced the Smart Body Analyzer (WS-50) that, in addition to weight and body composition, records heart rate, indoor air quality (carbon dioxide and temperature), and provides coaching via the Activity Tracker.


  • Accuracy of information – BMI and percentage of body fat comes as close as possible keeping in mind you need a body scanner for the most accurate results
  • Sleek design – very chic looking, not an eye sore
  • Connectivity to popular websites and apps such as BodyMedia, myfitnesspal, Tactio, digitfit, RunKeeper to provide a seamless interface to track your progress
  • Long battery life
  • One scale can have multiple accounts – one for you, your spouse\partner, children, parents, roomate, etc.
  • Easy and engaging online and mobile app interface to track your weight, BMI and percentage of body fat
  • There are other products offered by Withings to compliment the scale when looking to manage your overall health
  • Reasonably priced. I’ve seen other digital scales in the same price range that don’t offer a quarter of what this one offers
  • Comes in white or black


  • The connectivity to third party apps can fail at times, expect this to improve as the technology improves
  • When using the mobile app interface you have to scroll through the dates one day at a time versus the app automatically moving to dates with entries (e.g. if you have an entry on May 1st, May 15th, and June 4th, you have to scroll through May 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. to get to the date you’re looking for rather than it scrolling to the dates with entries, May 1st, May 15th, June 4th. You can click on a date from the graph, but you have to re-size the graph if the date you want isn’t clearly visible.

Knowledge is power. If you’re serious about managing your weight and knowing your numbers, click the link above to invest in the tools TODAY!

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